Sellers Terms & Conditions

  1. Sivis Express gives you the opportunity to put your product in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers with the ability to start selling your products before you even set up a business website or physical store.
  2. Prior approval would be required to list your products on the Sivis Express platform, more information on this is be provided to you by contacting us.
  3. Vendors or Sellers can only sell items which they have approvals for, and the rights to sell them to consumers in the local (Fiji) market.
  4. Vendors or Sellers have control of the products they wish to upload to the Sivis Express Store Manager Portal.
  5. Each product should contain a minimum of 3 high-resolution images with file size of no more than 1MB per picture.
  6. Vendors or Sellers will use shipping methods provided by Sivis Express and pay the shipping cost.
  7. Vendors or Sellers need to ensure ownership is taken for all timely delivery of items as per agreements across all of Fiji.
  8. Vendors or Sellers agree to follow the process agreed between the Vendors or Sellers and Sivis Express to ensure all updates are done to the Store Manager Platform at the time of dispatch and time of confirmed delivery of items to customers.
  9. Vendors or Sellers should make it easy for shoppers to find your offers by adding descriptive titles, clear images, and concise feature bullets to your items.
  10. All disputes of any products purchased needs to be handled by the merchant, Sivis Express will facilitate these requests.
  11. All returns, refunds, and exchanges would have to be handled based on the Vendors or Sellers current policies and the policies of Sivis Express.
  12. Sivis Express would be carrying out all digital marketing for Sivis Express and Vendors or Sellers could subscribe for any of the digital marketing plans provided.
  13. Vendors or Sellers needs to maintain the updating of inventories.
  14. Vendors or Sellers should provide competitive pricing of products vs what’s currently offered at their retail outlets.
  15. Sivis Express retains the rights to disapprove any merchant at any given time for any breach of terms and conditions.
  16. In addition to Sellers Terms & Conditions, you also agree to Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Shipping Policy, Website Terms & Conditions and Sivis Express Vendor Agreement that will be sent to you upon signup as Vendor.
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