Solar Water Heater System Controller

Solar Water Heater System Controller


Solar Water Heater Microcomputer Water Temperature Level Controller

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  • Power off Memory
  • Water temperature preset
  • Intelligent heating
  • Water insufficient alert
  • Leakage protection
  • Constant heating
  • Pipe warm keeping
  • Water level preset
  • Intelligent water loading
  • Auto water loading¬†
  • Low pressure water loading
  • Constant water level loading
  • Manual control
  • All- weather water supply
  • Auto control boosting pump

Technical Data:

  1. Power 220VAC. Power loss:<5W
  2. Temperature detect tolerance :+-2 degrees Celsius
  3. Temperature detect range: 0-90 degrees Celsius
  4. Temperature control precision:+-2 degrees Celsius
  5. Water level:4 level
  6. Electric heating belt and water pump power:<500W
  7. Electric heater :<1500W
  8. Electric leakage cut off current:<10mA/ 0.1S
  9. Solenoid Valve: DC12V for pressurized and non pressurized valves Pressurized working pressure:0.02mPa—0.8mPa for direct water supply. non pressurized: working pressure: 0.00mPa, for water tank supply and low pressure water supply


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