Team Solar Water Heater System


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Low – Pressure team solar water heater comes with the following:
Non- Pressure tank.
ii.  Assistance water tank.
iii. Tempered glass tube as heating panel, with no copper element.
iv.  Galvanized painted metal frame with extension leg. This is assembled with nuts and bolts.
v. Installation manual.

   All Parts are replaceable and Seevees Interiors has all spare parts.
  Tempered glass tube has water in it and it absorbs heat from 360 degrees. Water heats up very fast.
 Tempered glass tubes are NOT easily breakable.
No roof rust or debris collection under the panel.
Seevees Interiors Solar produces warm water during cloudy humid day
 Low Pressure in the tank, water out-put is subjected to the height of the roof where tank is mounted to. In other words out-put water pressure is subjected to height of the roof which determines the out-put pressure of the water.
Simple plumbing is needed. Steel frame is screwed to the roof purlin, and heater tank and tempered glass tube is assembled on the roof due to its weight factor.
PVC pipe is used for cold water supply and copper pipe for hot water supply.
Cold water line must have stop valve.

Weight 30-40 kg

100L Low Pressure, 120L Low Pressure, 120L High Pressure, 200L Low Pressure, 300L Low Pressure

Installation & Delivery

Delivery and no installation, Delivery, Roof Mounting & Plumbing (3m Hot and Cold PEX Pipe with fittings)


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