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This list of privacy policies belongs only to Sivis Express. It does not apply to any of our business partners or parties; in spite of the fact that they are linked to our website. We strictly recommend you to read the privacy statements of all the other parties you interact with.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Here at Sivis Express we respect all our users’ privacy. This statement informs you about your privacy policies which can help you understand the way information is collected and the reasons behind doing so. This statement can be accessed from the home page of the site; and from the bottom of every page of the website. We at Sivis Express strive towards presenting you with excellent customer services, outstanding value and top quality of our products and also protecting the privacy of our valuable users and customers. Information collected is used only to better the services we provide to you. Under no circumstances, do we sell or rent this information to other businesses or entities confirming the confidentiality of all personal information.

What Data Does Sivis Express Collect and When? 

Sivis Express collects information from you and uses it to streamline its service. We make sure that we offer you the best possible individualistic way possible with the help of information collected from users and customers. The kind of information that we tend to collect are:

  1. Contact information regarding a user’s name, age, sex, address, telephone number or qualifications and personal accomplishments.
  2. Information related to financial credentials can be credit and debit card number, billing information or debit card service.
  3. Identification numbers issued by the Government.
  4. Information which is unique to an individual such as IDs, passwords, product preferences, service combinations or employment related information.
  5. Bank accounts details in case of a products return refunds.

Occasions on which we may collect personal information from you:

  1. Request for quotes, support, services, expert advice or information.
  2. Place orders for products or services.
  3. Use credit or debit cards details for purchase.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletters, reminders, promotional campaigns or event updates.
  5. Apply for a job, submit your resume or submit information to create a profile.

Why Do We Collect Information?

Personal information is collected in order to perform a series of tasks and improve our services to users and customers. Information is collected for various reasons:

  1. Make sure that proper service and support is provided as per your requests.
  2. Efficiently communicate important information such as product functionality, information about product availability, saved cart reminders, corporate affiliates, organizing promotional campaigns and surveys.
  3. To analyze product performance and assess the weakness to trace out better products and services.
  4. Harness the security and integrity of the website and the business as a whole.
  5. Improve logistics and delivery patterns

Pledge to Protect Personal Information

Sivis Express takes its pledges seriously to make sure that any personal information collected by us will not be sold, rented or offered to third parties for their marketing purposes. Information that we may reveal will pertain to the website’s performance as far as the number of visits, user interaction, and statistical data regarding the kind and nature of products sold. The pledges being made shows the extent of our dedication when it comes to earning our users’ and customers’ trust, confidence and respect. ghuHowever, Sivis Express is compelled to disclose personnel information in the event of,

  1. Customer has agreed and given written permission to Sivis Express to disclose customer information for specified purpose.
  2. The disclosure is required by the law
  3. Disclosure is necessary for prevention, investigation & prosecution of wrongdoings.

Users’ Consent

Customer or user agrees to Sivis Express to collect and use information according to the terms of the privacy policy.

Use of Automated Data Collection Tools

  1. Cookies: A small file data file transferred by a website to your computer’s hard drive is known as a cookie. We send cookies when you surf our site only to track your visit and improve our site. Sivis Express uses cookies to recognize the web user when they log in to our site or any of our pages, also to estimate visit count, get details about the client’s browser and details about the ratio of customers and normal visitors.
  2. Web Bugs: An object that is embedded in a web page or email and stays in stealth mode and reels out data about the page or email are known as web bugs. They are used to track emails and have a better sense of web analytics. Tracking browsing patterns and understanding the size of the audience is also for what Sivis Express uses web bugs for.

Children’s Privacy

Sivis Express does not intentionally or knowingly accumulate information from Children under the age of 18 and always encourages parents, elders or guardians to take decisions for children. Moreover, Sivis Express believes that parents and guardians should monitor their children’s online interests and activities.

Privacy Settings

Sivis Express presents a choice to receive all sorts of information related to its products and services to which users and customers can subscribe and have access to. We give you options to receive this information via postal mail, email, mobile or telephone. You can make changes regarding the kind of information you need to subscribe to and the kind of communication you desire to receive about the developments at Sivis Express.

Subscription Communications

As far as subscription content is concerned, newsletters, software update, event happenings and company updates are offered. This data is requested by you or else you have agreed to receive them. In case you do not want the information shared with you, you could:

  1. Select the “unsubscribe link” and follow the instructions given on the page.
  2. You could also unsubscribe to information with the use of your mobile.
  3. Else you could write a concerning email to and inform us about the information you no longer want to receive.

Announcements and Changes

We update our privacy policy occasionally. In case we make any changes to this privacy policy or any data related to customer information, product specifications or features of the website, we will make sure that the privacy policy reflects these changes as early as possible. We encourage you to refer to our privacy policy from time to time to stay informed about updates at Sivis Express and as to how we are protecting personal information. 


In case you need any answers regarding our privacy policies, please get in touch with us by sending an email to

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